Blog 6: Philosophy on Creating a Productive Learning Environment

So in the painting class I am teaching, my current philosophy is to find something I think will excite the kids. I am trying to win hearts and minds. I believe all knowledge comes from art, so I am into my thing when I am teaching. I also will have days where I have to teacher very technical things, I ask for help from the students and explain the necessity.

We are working on a massive installation right now. We are turning the art room into the lost boys hideout. So in terms of management I have had one group of students helping with setup so I can be free to move around the classroom. Another working with airbrush for the next few class periods. Some are in planning stages. Some are building things with masking table and paper. A few went to making foliage with out prompts. Two girls are building a large tree. Another two are making a mermaid.

I would not feel comfortable with this project save for the following reasons:

– I have built a certain level of trust
– I did another literature based lesson earlier on
– They have had several lessons about color, value, perspective etc.
– I have been able to divide the classroom in to differentiated sections for other lessons

So prep is a big part of setting the tone for a good environment.
Also, I have been told by my supervising teacher that this project is more true to life about how an art studio works. It was good to get that reinforcement and I agree, folks working together can make things happen. I think there is a thought rolling around in my head, what if I never get to do this again? It definitely motivates me to do more and not be cynical.

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