Blog #6 What to DO


My philosophy about creating a productive learning environment hinges on helping the students develop their own  Self-Efficacy. Self Efficacy is something that the teacher must implement in their class plans to make the students self-sustained rather than dependent on the teacher. It gives them the “I CAN” attitude they need to accomplish their goals and thus be productive. If the students believe that they can accomplish it, they won’t be as dependent on the teacher to provide all the answers and do everything for them. By having the students make predictions about the outcomes of the text they will increase their self-efficacy because they will be using their minds to draw their own inferences and this will give them a sense of control and power over the text. Then they will need to be able to comprehend and prove their comprehension with examples if they have a prediction that they want to prove was correct. When they start engaging in these steps of critically

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