6: CR MGMT Philosophy

(Gastineau Channel, Juneau, AK. My view on the walk to the school everyday (minus the rain ;).

The classroom is the environment where learning takes place. My classroom will be more than the room where my class meets. It will include the forests, fields, streams, lakes, and whatever else is logistically possible. Biology is a science of observation, exploration, and inquiry of life. My classroom environment will necessarily include all living things we can practically study and learn from. Management of the classroom will be adaptable to these alternative venues. The pillar of my classroom management philosophy is creating a productive learning community and culture. Unity and vested interest in the success of all is the ideal I strive to promote in my classroom and in each my students. Management techniques will be based on the principles of respect, responsibility, diligence, integrity, and good judgment. I will explicitly teach my expectations regarding each of these. I will be a constant, intentional model of these principles. Clear consequences and rewards will be consistently provided to help incentivize those students who are still developing their internal motivations.

The day to day structure of my classroom will create accountability in education. Students will take ownership for their own progress. Once again, the goal is to develop integrity as a holistic character trait. Einstein said: “The discovery of the laws of nature — the science — makes the erudite man, but does not make a man good. A good man is one who holds the values that are within your consciousness.’ Thus: “The instructed man is erudite. The educated man is good.’ I seek to educate my students. Organization, communication, and collaboration will allow me to clearly deliver instruction and place the responsibility on the students to create knowledge by producing evidences of their understanding. I will reach students on higher cognitive levels through challenging, adaptive, differentiated instruction.

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