Blog 6: My Philosophy

Describe your current personal philosophy about creating a productive learning environment for your future students and why you see classroom management as overall important. Include key strategies you observed and/or learned in class that you may use as a teacher.

Over the semester, I learned that classroom management is very important in a learning environment through all the assignments and through observing key strategies like stating objectives and behavioral expectations in the beginning of class time. As a potential teacher I believe that having classroom rules, home contingency, and good teacher-student relationships are the key strategies to classroom management. To add to this, I think that teachers need to have a good mind set when entering the classroom and leave personal lives at home. Often during my observations, the teacher would get off topic and talk about her family and grandchildren and it would take up class time.

A learning environment needs to be inviting and students should never feel like they are unsafe. As a potential teacher, I want to make sure that my students are comfortable, safe, behaving appropriately, and the rest will fall into place. If teachers make sure that rules are implemented and followed, then class will go smoothly because students will be behaving appropriately and there will be less distractions. If teachers make sure that there are consequences at home, then the teacher can work together with the parent to help the students behavior. Lastly, teacher-student relationships are really important in the classroom because those relationships help teachers understand their students better to be aware of student needs.

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