My philosophy

Classroom  management  is overall very important. Yes, it keeps things in order, and students behaved. But I believe that teachers have the ability to make a huge impact on students, as they spend a large portion of their lives in school. This should be used to help mold students into exceptional human beings. After reading section five, I realized that being passive, aggressive, and passive-aggressive are flaws that many humans have. While they do contribute to the personalities of individuals, they are unhealthy characteristics to have. Being assertive is one of many life skills that teachers can help students develop in the classroom. They can also practice respect, self-confidence, organization, critical and logical thinking, decision making, communication, and self discipline in the classroom, which are valuable life skills.

I will likely be an art teacher. I would organize my classroom so students can be inspired by their surroundings. I would have separate art stations, which are designated areas which include the materials for a particular medium. These materials will be organized and easy to navigate through. I would also provide students the space they need to complete their projects. I would have a set of rules for students to follow at all times. Students would participate in weekly critiques, in which they provide advice and praise to their peers regarding their projects. Before projects, I would make my expectations clear to students so they know exactly what they need to do. I would provide an appropriate amount of time for students to complete projects, and have additional projects for the early-finishers to do when waiting for their peers.

In the art classroom, there will always be students that struggle with completing projects. I have taken several studio classes at the University, and something that I have now that I wish I had in high school is access to the classroom and materials after hours. When I am a teacher, I will try to provide times for students in which they will be free to come into the classroom and finish their projects.

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