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I believe that goals of education are: to prepare students for citizenship, to cultivate a skilled workforce and to help them compete in a global marketplace; also to develop students’ ability to think critically and integrate ideas, rather than to accumulate facts. The student still will know the content; the critical thinking and creativity, though, will help them in learning process.

I want to organize my science classroom in ways to inspire my students and my teaching to guide the students in the direction I lead. I will convey an understanding of the nature of science. My professional knowledge will provide a valuable opportunity for talking about cultural, economical and ethical contexts of science; and how scientific discoveries, in turn, fit in society and life, and relate to the other fields of study. This will lead my students to appreciate both the achievements and limits of science.

Diversity and disability will be embraced. Everybody is different and I want all my students to understand and respect that. I will continue encouraging each of them to value own individuality, be responsible and concerned with improvement themselves. I will accommodate different learning styles and levels through assessments and individual attention. The communication with students is the highest priority for me; it will help me to be aware of where each student stands and to help guide further improvement. Together with class we will develop a written statement of shared beliefs and learn specific strategies to prevent and resolve conflicts to succeed in the classroom, community, and life.

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