Blog #6: Philosophy of Classroom Management

I believe that Classroom Management is very important for the students and the teacher. If a classroom is managed well then there is sure to be a positive learning environment. In my opinion creating a positive learning environment should be one of the teacher’s main priorities to accomplish at the very beginning of the school year. It sets up the students in a positive learning mindset and they can keep that mindset the whole year. Students who have a positive experience in school not only learn more but create happy memories. There is nothing more that a teacher should want than their students having happy memories of learning and loving the joy of learning new and exciting things.

As a teacher it is our responsibility to teach positivity to the students whether it’s by showing that we care about the students by getting to know their personal interests or teaching positive student responsibility. When there is a positive learning environment the students are more comfortable learning, more trusting, they can build better relationships and show more respect for not only themselves but other students.

One teacher that I observed for my Observation Protocol consistently told her students how much she cared about them and how much she cared that they learned and grew as people. I watched the students faces as she told them this and I was able to tell from their reactions that they knew she meant exactly what she was saying and that it affected them. Sometimes, as teachers we are the only positive people in a child’s life and if the student comes to school and is in a negative environment and then goes home to a negative environment the child might not make it far in life because they would begin to give up on trying anything new or learning. So, I believe that classroom management is a great foundation for creating a positive environment for the students.