Blog 6: Philosophy of Education

Top Ten Things you will see in the Mrs. E’s 5th Grade Classroom.
Room #126

1. My classroom is an extension of me in many ways. I will provide your child with a safe, warm and welcoming learning place and welcome his/her participation every day.

2. I work extremely hard to design lessons, provide materials and guidance to allow students to explore their learning.

3. I have high expectations for my students and myself and never settle for mediacracy.

4. I believe that education goes beyond the confines of the classroom and thusly are out and involved in the community in positive ways. One favorite activity is supporting the local food bank with drive to collect canned food over the holidays. You will see us around the community asking for donations.

5. I am fair and firm with discipline in my classroom and we will adhere to school wide policy and procedures in our school.

6. I will establish communication routine with each parent and family. Our class will be seeking family and parental participation throughout the year in a variety of means to support learning.

7. I will challenge students, I will coach students but I cannot make them learn.

8. I will provide a variety of experiences for students and utilize some positive competition when appropriate.

9. I allow students to take ownership and drive their own direction including to organize into groups for learning.

10. I will be here in this community, in the school and involved in your child’s learning

Classroom organization and management is the foundation on which all learning can happen. Without sound foundations of clearly defined expectations, rules and routines, the classroom becomes a chaos of happenings none of which are beneficial. Room design and organization speak to the students as a teacher’s determination to provide quality learning events. Disorganization and clutter shows the same expectations in a student’s mind. Education today is a consistently changing and fast paced environment, students and teachers need to be flexible to the needs that arise.