Blog 5: Reflection on Classroom Observation

1.) Describe effective management strategies you observed for opening a lesson, applied during a lesson, and for lesson closure.

So, just a little general information, I am observing mainly the junior high and high school level math and science classes in my home town village Kwigillingok on the southwest coast. I have been observing classes with the same teacher, Jennifer. One strategy Jennifer uses in the beginning of class (mainly with her high school classes) is she pulls up the class objective and expectations for each class. Students are expected to write these objectives down at the beginning of the class. She also explains the behavioral expectations for the students at the beginning of most of her classes- which really sets the tone for the rest of class time.

2.) Name 3 common transitions you observed and how did the teacher handle those.

Three common transitions were switching from one class to the next, switching from one activity to another, and ending the class. As the students were getting out of class and other students came in for the next class, Jennifer would be answering any last minute student questions and preparing for the next class in the front of the classroom. Sometimes the students ended up waiting a few minutes for Jennifer to get started on the lesson or instructions. When switching from one activity to another, students would take sometime to get acquainted with the lesson. Jennifer helped students get into the lesson or discussion by asking questions that students knew the answers to. Discussions were really interesting and it helped the students reach their objectives. At the end of each class, students were either cleaning up or being told what their assignments or homework was for the evening. They were also always reminded about upcoming tests or major assignments.
3.) Describe a strategy that you observed and may apply to your classroom.

I think that explaining student behavioral expectations and objectives is a great way to start class. It helps with being organized as a teacher and informs students about what they are going to be learning.

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