Blog 5. After Observation

For the start of the class one of the teachers I observed gave students couple of minutes to put all their backpacks to where they supposed to go (in the Science classroom it was under the counter on the right from the entrance door). That was written in rules and procedures list to follow that students and the teacher worked on in the beginning of the school year. So that was efficient for students while walking to their seats just drop all their not necessary things in one designated spot. Then instruction started. During instructing the teacher presented the plan for two lessons that were connected with one topic and one research process, and the assignments for both of them. Then it was impressive to observe teacher telling students that they have one minute to record it; students took their phones from pockets and everyone took a picture of the Presentation slide. There is a rule for no cell phones in the classroom except the moments designated by the teacher. That was one of them. In the end of the class the teacher notified students about clean-up time that would start in 4 minutes, and reminded them that who would leave a “mess’ after them would be cleaning “dishes’ next time (that meant all tubes and research slides after their use). I thought that it was not impressive for high school students to do; that’s why they put it on the list to follow. Everybody cleaned their counters pretty fast.

The transitions I observed were the following: one transition from another classroom to Science one went pretty smooth, teacher was welcoming students and saying that they would have a very productive day, asking them to take their seats. Another transition from direct instruction to the practice in the Lab was little bit loud for a while because of some students asking questions in one time. The teacher raised his hand, and student stopped talking after couple of seconds and looked at the teacher who announced that he would gladly answer on all possible questions if students would keep their hand up. The next was transition to another classroom after the lesson. The teacher reminded students to check on the assignments for homework, thanked them for productive work, and asked not to run in the hallway.

One strategy I observed was taking the attendance with a regular tablet. The teacher was using a program allowing take attendance for the class. Every student entering the class stopped near the teacher that was standing near the door in the hallway and picked their name for attending this class and the mood they were in for that day. That was interesting and quick. I might use this program one day for my students.

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