Blog 5

Effective management strategies:
Opening a lesson:

  • Teacher did a good job getting students focused almost immediately after the bell rang.
  • Every single lesson Teacher instructs begins with a genuine, warm greeting. For example, “Good morning, pumpkin heads.”
  • Reviewing previous day’s lesson.

During a lesson:

  • Lighthearted and jokes throughout.
  • ENTHUSIASM about material.
  • Pauses for discussion (while reading aloud).

Lesson closure:

  • Again, a genuine farewell to send them out and on with their day.
  • A lot of repetition and review of what they’d done during the lesson and what was homework and what was on tap for the next day/lesson.


  • Before moving on after a discussion, there were several checks for understanding. For example, “Do we understand?” “You guys, that was a really good point. Do we understand it?”
  • Reminding students of what had been previously discussed (in days/lessons past).
  • Jokes to refocus after interruptions or side-tracks.

Strategy to apply in my classroom:

  • I very much enjoyed the lighthearted nature of the lesson, the jokes, the laughs, the smiles. Teacher did a great job maintaining order and focus while showing great enthusiasm about the material. While this may not be a strategy-strategy, really, it is definitely something I am going to consciously try to incorporate into my own classroom regularly.

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