Blog 4

I got this off of another video from the original web search. I shifted my original web search from student teacher relationships which became a list of sex scandals to positive student teacher relationships. I found this ted talk interesting. I really dig the line”give the students low grade clerical work and well you can expect them to be fidgety” in response to ADHD…also watch for the nice flowery and not so flowery metaphors.

Maybe more relevant yet less interesting. Do’s and don’t’s examples of teachers in classrooms behaving appropriately ect.

Another relevant article. Keep trying. And again be appropriate.

I was slightly frustrated in this search, going for several pages and finding nothing for an arts classroom.

Every person has potential in a classroom. We can show possibilities, however it is ultimately up to the student to make a choice to do or not to.

With younger students I have found that  delegating is the most effective way to keep them on task. The same is true of older students, however with older students this can happen much faster and without too much repetition. Also showing the students that you are willing to do the same work they are gives weight to your words.

Happy Halloween,  Feliz Dia de los Muertos!