Blog 4 – Student Teacher Relationships

This is a video of a high school teacher who talks about what it means to build positive teacher-student relationships, why they are important, and the best way to establish them.  I think it is important to hear first-hand from teachers who have experienced both good and bad relationships with students because they are the best at giving advice on the subject.

This link takes you to a website with a lot of valuable information and videos.  It gives valuable information on how you, as a teacher, should act in order to create the positive relationships as well as what kind of effects it has on your classroom.  There are videos showing real classroom scenarios that exemplify teacher-student relationships.

I found this blog very cute and simple.  A psychologist who has worked directly with teachers took each letter in the words “positive relationship” and described what she believes are the ingredients to create positive teacher-student relationships.  Her ideas make sense and will definitely help a teachers relationships with their students and the overall classroom management.

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