Blog 4: Website, blog, and video

When searching for a website I stumbled onto a lesson plan that is titled “Building Relationships in a High School Classroom.”

This lesson plan stated that is was great for teachers to get to know their students both academically and personally and also help the students get to know each other. The lesson consists of group work and putting together a story of their own.

The blog that I found is titled “The Best Resources on the Importance of Building Positive Relationships with Students” written by Larry Ferlazzo. Larry shared a lot of resources on his blog that are helpful for teachers pertaining to the importance of building positive relationships with students.

I thought it was interesting that he also shared a video and comic on the blog. The video in this blog is the video I choose to add to this blog so I provided the same link for the blog and video.

The video is really interesting, funny, and inspiring with a very experienced speaker who says she and her parents and grandparents are/were educators. She talked about the importance of relationships in education and that students learn better when they like their teachers. A really great video I think everyone should watch it.

The Best Resources On The Importance Of Building Positive Relationships With Students

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