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Prince George’s County Public Schools site has a “Game Plan for Success” in classroom management and organization. Teacher’s success has to be planned. This site explains why is is important to have “a plan”, to know students, and leads to information about establishing positive climate, organizing and developing rules and procedures, assigning, instruction, and managing behavior.

The website is:

In the blog that I’ve found, the teacher was having problems with behavior management and needed a system for rewarding a positive behavior, punishing negative behavior. And this system had to be appropriate, not “childish.” This teacher is sharing some of his “tips”. You’re more than welcome to check it out.

The link is:

I also found a video “Best Teaching Practices” at the link: that gives teachers some clear points how to behave in classroom, and how to talk to students while instructing; it is showing some good teaching practices using graphics and actually class actions.

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