Blog post #4


This blog is managed by a teacher named Señor Howard. He has been a teacher since 2004 and has had this blog to report on several different things that an instructor teaching a foreign language goes through often. There are subjects links on one side and as you click on them, it leads you to a blog post addressing that subject. He also likes to leave helpful videos and pictures to illustrate his point, which I enjoyed. There are plentiful sources of means to get a point across, which is also something good to remember as a teacher to his or her students.




This video is by Catherine Fortin, and she is going over different tips on managing a foreign language class. As I was listening to her list, I noticed that most of these tips could be easily applied to other classes and subjects. But nonetheless, they were all good points. I liked how she said to tell the students at the beginning in English her expectations for them this class period. Then they have no excuse to not obey.



My website is from the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages. It is really comprehensive in all of the information offered. There are a variety of articles available for teachers to consult and also to join a large community of teachers with differing views, but all with the desire to make things as good as they can in order to make that learning experience as positive and cohesive as possible.