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Although you get some sketchy stuff when you Google “teacher student relationship,” I did find some useful sources to share with you that do not have to do with breaking the code of ethics.


TED talk – Rita Pierson: Every Kid Needs a Champion

In this 8 min. video Rita talks from the wisdom of a lifetime of educator experience. She talks about how important it is to get over the hype of reform and focus on the the value and importance of human connection, relationships. She convincingly describes why, “kids don’t learn from people they don’t like.” I really like how she lays it out with stories about simple goodness like being willing to apologize. This is a message worth your time. TED talks usually are!


Educator’s Guide to Preventing and Solving Discipline Problems

by Mark Boynton and Christine Boynton


This is a web-based textbook with another take on the relationship we should strive to create and maintain with our students. There is significant overlap with what we read but towards the end of the chapter or bottom of the page, there are some good tables that summarize the ideas presented. So, if you just want to take a quick look, scroll to the bottom for some concentrated classroom management wisdom!

This is one of many blogs connected through the Center for Teaching Quality (CTQ). It is a reflection on classroom management as a misnomer. It is not so much management as it is leadership because we have problems when the leader in the classroom is not the teacher. Learning classroom management is no more than learning how to be the leader of the students in your class. We have to be great leaders, that inspire, guide, motivate, and yes, teach. There are many more short and sweet links off of this page, so tumble through them and see what you find. It might just be the answer to the question you did know you have!



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