Blog #4: Links on Classroom Management


This is a website  with a page on classroom management specific to the art classroom.It offers information on art classroom procedures and several effective  discipline methods. There is a section on “transactional analysis” which focuses on student-teacher relationships. It mentions that there are “ego states” that students communicate from and teachers need to identify. Though very different, these remind me of the communication styles in Module 14 of our book.


This is a blog  called “managing the art classroom” which is shared by various art teachers. It is a place where art teachers from anywhere can ask  questions (by emailing), and get answers and advice from experienced art teachers. The most recent post demonstrates a way to memorize student’s names, and explains how important this is to a classroom. Topics covered include: behavioral management, materials and clean up, tips and tricks, motivation, on task!, saving time, bullying, critiques, rules and procedures, student respect, faculty respect, authority, and dealing with ambiguity and assessments.


This is an art education video about getting attention from students. The woman in the video gives several methods. One is “class, yes” where the teacher says “class” and the students respond with “yes”. This could be done in different voices, and students can have fun mimicking the voice of the teacher. Clap chants can be used for transitions. An instrument, such as a bell or chime, can get the attention of students. Counting down from five can also be useful because It gives high-energy students time to compose themselves.

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