Blog #4: 3 Links

The first link is the website link:

It isn’t a very exciting website, as it is just an article titled “The Key to Classroom Management”. But it is a very informative article that goes over the importance of good teacher-student relationships. It has a lot of information on the Awareness of High-Needs Students. It think it had a lot of helpful information.

The second link is a blog link:

It is a blog written by Michael Linsin titled What Building Relationships with Students Really Means. It is an interesting take on the reasons why teachers build relationships with their students. The author also made an interesting point that you shouldn’t have to  try  to build relationships with you students, that they should just happen.

The third link is the video link:

It is a 9 1/2 minute long video titled “Building Relationships Within the Classroom (PBIS)”  that shows examples of teachers building relationships with their students and examples of how to build teacher-student relationships. It gives a few good examples that weren’t in the book. It was a fairly good video.  

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