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A website:

This is also a specific article which talks about a lot of things one can do to enhance the classroom and increase the productivity of student (great things, and well organized for if you just want to pick and choose). At the end the article also states “Teacher-student relationships should not be left to chance or dictated by the personalities of those involved,” which makes me think about the people one may just never truly “get along with” and how to deal with having a student like that. There is no excuse for treating students with anything but respect and showing them you care about their learning. I like this article’s way of portraying that. On this site you can read articles, buy a subscription to their magazine or just enjoy a few graphics, so explore once you’re done perusing this article.

A blog:

This blog was done by a woman named Natalie who taught in the district where I am student teaching now. While not strictly classroom management, this blog does show the process of her moving to the Bush, some of the things she experienced and then explains why she decided to leave. She taught kindergarten and seemed like she had a good time doing it! She does have a tab for teaching specifically, but also look over her whole blog when you have time if you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to teach in rural Alaska. She also did a guest blog about classroom management here: just to keep it on the topic of the class.


A video:

This video is pretty down to earth and breaks down the ideas it presents in small increments so it’s easy to follow as well as easy to listen to while doing other things if necessary. His voice is easy to understand and he does present a visual aide as well as several ideas which are good to pull from. He also is willing to admit that he’s done things wrong and gives the bad examples as well as the good so that you aren’t just hearing the good ideas but also knowing from what to steer away.

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