Blog #4


I thought this was a very relevant and informative blog about why teachers shouldn’t ever let situations provoke them into losing their composure and resorting to anger in front of their students. Some of the reasons the author lists for this are that: it sabotages rapport, weakens your classroom management plan, undermines accountability, worsens behavior, leads to parent complaints, ruins trust, announces your lack of effectiveness, fills the classroom with tension, teaches students to do the same, destroys your fulfillment, and burdens you with stress.


This website, for the National Education Association, has  a tools and ideas section which has many articles that can be helpful to both teachers and parents. Furthermore, under the  overarching subject of classroom management is divided into a number of easily accessible subcategories including: bullying, character, classroom setup, discipline, parents, routines and procedures.


This encapsulates the essence about setting the classroom tone and expectations from day one and being consistent in your enforcement of class rules and norms, particularly non-negotiable conditions. The example in the video was emphasizing the importance of entering class quietly and without speaking to maximize the use of class time and eliminating distraction. This was just one of the examples of the host of videos available on Teaching Channel. I anticipate using this as a source later on down the line once I start teaching.