The first line of this article is racist, “Caucasian Race”. For someone to be using the dated five race theory and writing article claiming to step into the 21st century this is unsure footing.

If current genetic theory is taken into account then all human beings on earth have common ancestry from africa. I believe we as human beings are to be some 33rd cousins at the farthest relation according to that science.

I also dislike anglo as a descriptor for western culture. It implies that lighter skinned people are somehow all english. We certainly don’t speak the queen’s english in north america.

I also would challenge his phrase,”the western mind”. Which west? Western like the magnificent seven? The western hemisphere? Western Civilization starting in mesopotamia? Or does he mean the colonial system?

Non-Native is like saying Non-western. The language is divisive, there is an us and them-ness about this. Why?

I have also met folks from the village who have gone to schools outside and brought that wisdom back to their communities. One is a c.e.o in a Native corporation the other is a leading voice for clean energy in rural communities. Learning how to negotiate with the colonial establishment is vital for the future.

Also why are there not any stories of success like this in the article?

I have also had a coworker who had left the village lived outside(Alaska) he was a wanderer, but he eventually came back to Alaska. We had distinct cultural differences, however we both journeyed outside and came back so we traded many stories. He  not know how do deal with an office environment(during meetings he would stare at walls or avoid eye contact, and had notions about suicide and eventually quit that job for another job.

Again there is a general in the article, lacking the specific. Who were the people working those low rung gigs? Tell me there story, if not why should I believe you?

I have been in discussions about this in other classes. I believe that Alaska Native culture should not be taught to native children by colonial schools. It must be lived in their communities. I do not know that this article is actually in support of that, that maybe the final message say “change” however the underlying language is “we will give you your stuff back when we are good and ready too.”



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