Blog post #3- The Future of Alaska Native Education

It is really saddening to hear of the trials other people have gone through based on the ethnocentric views of other cultures. I think that is one of our biggest flaws as the human race, that we cannot seem to accept people and their beliefs as they are, and that we feel the need to impose our “correct” views and traditions upon others. That being said, there are improvements being made. We are more open minded to other points of view. I think this article in particular shows both sides. It shows where we used to be and how intolerant we were in thinking we were doing everyone a favor by stripping their identity, to being tolerant and even encouraging the presence of rich and different cultures. I think culture and diversity are one of the many beautiful things we enjoy on this planet. The fact that we have so much variety in our world is refreshing and keeps things interesting! So for that reason it makes me so happy to see improvements being made in the educational communities out in these more remote villages. I see this article as kind of a timeline of how far we have come- and also how far we still need to go.

I would comment on this article and thank the author for his meaningful and thoughtful article. I would tell him that I appreciated how he plainly stated those injustices native people and especially their children suffered. Finally, I would also try my best to share this with others that I know so that we can spread the good news and encourage the spread of more good news and happy events and progress happening.

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