Blog #3: The Future of AK Native Ed.

In response to the article, I think it is sad how assimilation has led to issues such as dependency and depression. Alaska natives have been taught in the past couple centuries that western culture  is superior to the ways of their own ancestors. They  see themselves as powerless. This kind of thinking is damaging to culture. Now, high leadership roles, such as teaching, in native communities are taken by non-natives, which is very discouraging for natives.  Though I am not against having non-natives teaching and leading natives, I feel that it is best for natives to take on these roles  and lead other natives. I think it would even be helpful to have just a large percentage of native teachers and leaders, and to focus on cultural preservation in schools. This would provide confidence and pride in the native people. Children would see these role models and want to be successful. This would all start with encouragement towards Native Alaskans to attend in and succeed in college, and then return to their communities to play important roles in the community.

I am pleased with the progress being made so far to reverse the damage that has been done to the culture of native Alaskans and I think in time this goal will be achieved. The article mentioned that people do not want to give up their power, teachers and other workers do not want to leave their high paying jobs. I think for now they need to really attempt to understand and respect the cultures of the native people, and emphasize its importance to students. They  will likely be less hated if they do so.

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