Rules of the Game

I would develop classroom rules based upon, what I felt to be core, essential criteria for a good learning and social environment. Further, I would seek for these rules to be applicable not only within a classroom setting but outside it as well in order to bolster the likelihood of the rules being relevant to the students. These rules would be few in number, so as to be easily understood, easy to recall, and attainable.    The ultimate reason for seeking to implementation and enforcement of these rules is to help create a pleasant, positive, and effective learning environment while at the same time trying to impart  good character traits within the students and even skills relating to the rules.

The rules I’ve currently selected to work with are as follows: Respect, Assistance, Negotiation, and Punctuality. I selected these rules for the following reasons. Respect encompasses all appropriate courtesies to one’s fellow students in addition to the teacher, guest, presenter, or speaker. This is a vital character trait to have not only within the classroom but also in the professional world. Assistance places a high value on students not only seeking help when they’re having difficulty grasping a concept but also encourages students to help one another with potentially vexing or difficult tasks. This is likely to lead to a production of empathy and social skills among the students while helping engage their critical thinking and problem solving abilities. Third is negotiation. Negotiation is key to both conflict resolution both within and outside the classroom. Through negotiation students will be able to assign the tasks within a group project to handling conflicts among themselves. Lastly is promptness. This last point is important in establishing the good habit of being on time. Punctuality  is required in many areas of life, and is of high value for its effect on others. Should students be late they provide distraction to others and also short themselves by not being present for some potentially important information.

Concerning links, I found the following post. I found it interesting in its emphasis on the importance of early childhood practices to influence later behavior patterns. At its core many of the suggestions are things which seem to be consistent with the reading including: student feedback, positive attitude and enthusiasm, guidelines on handling inappropriate behavior. Interesting read certainly.

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