Rules in the Classroom

The rules keep the class running smoothly,   create the productive learning environment, help form responsible individuals. They have to be taught, reviewed, and reinforced if they are to be remembered. To establish rules, the teacher  involves the class, keeps rules in a positive manner, reminds of the rules when someone has misbehaved, reviews the rules periodically; and if a rule isn’t working, it needs to be changed.

In my classroom I would post the following rules:

  1. Treat Yourself And Others With Respect
  2. Listen And Participate Actively
  3. Strive To Do Your Best
  4. Be Kind, Be Helpful, And be Excellent!

Now about how to establish the first rule. The teacher can ask students to write a class pledge about expectations for how they treat each other.   This helps to create responsibility for everyone in the classroom, respect for self and others, and an understanding of the culture of each student.

I’ve found one interesting link   where you will find some tips for teaching rules. The link is: 2 image

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