Nic Sweet Class Rules

1. Students will be expected to participate. (Not participating is the only way to fail in art)

2. Students will be respectful. (Of one another, the staff, the studio)

3. Students can negotiate the parameters of any assignment. (i.e.  The student wants to  use spray paint instead of acrylic paint for the picture of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in two weeks)

4. Students have bargaining power as a group. (If the students have a problem they are free to elect a representative to bring a topic for discussion. And or make requests about what is being taught. A teacher is in the service of students not the other way around.)

I do not know if I would post any rules unless I were teaching a class somewhere in k-6…and only of I were the home room teacher. Many art teachers are specialists that bounce around from classroom to classroom. Other than that posting rules in an art room in my opinion is asking for trouble. Maybe in a high school setting they could get them in a syllabus print out.


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