Kyndall’s Classroom Rules and Suggested Website

Part of our job as educators is to prepare students for adult life. As we know, being an adult comes with a list of rules and procedures that together help maintain social order. Below are four general rules that I would have in my classroom.

Rule 1: Be responsible.
Rule 2: Be prepared.
Rule 3: Be respectful.
Rule 4: Be engaged.

The website I found had more an entire section on classroom management but had additional information broken down by age group and within age group, subject.

When I clicked on the classroom management tab, I was quite surprised to see that the first few topics were dealing with violent behavior in the classroom and students with criminal records. At first I was a bit taken back but then realized this is probably what I was looking for — classroom management for older students. I found that a lot of the websites dealt with classroom management at the elementary school level. I wasn’t ready to deal with classroom management for violent students so the first article I looked at was “Influence Students by Gaining their Respect’. This article was geared to newer teachers and how to gain students respect. The one advice they gave that I hadn’t read anywhere before but agreed with is look professional. They suggest you can become more casual once you have mastered classroom management but until then, err on the side of caution.
I also read the article on tips to “monitor a student who is being bullied in school’. These articles were a good wakeup call that we are not just there to teach them biology or algebra but to keep students safe and help mold them into productive members of society.



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