Keeping it “Positive”

It seems at every turn I find the affirming word “positive’ as the way or approach to cultivate healthy relationships–to keep it on the “positive side.’  Studies show that a positive approach to classroom management is associated with higher levels of student achievement. To keep a positive emotional climate is key and reciprocal for teachers and student alike. In the daily grind of our busy lives, in the rush of things, it is easy to reach first to the surface to make those necessary quick decisions such as quickly grabbing onto rules of dos and don’ts.  By doing so, we sabotage what could have been by only calming down to stop and dig for deeper understanding to solve problems or to redirect our reactions toward others.  Focusing on appropriate behavior, rather than disapproval of behavior, affects a higher quality of student and teacher interaction, and thus a positive emotional classroom environment  and successful  learning can take place.

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