Classroom rules

My top four (4) rules for a classroom will be

1. Respect- with out this rule a classroom fails students will be given respect and will be expected to give respect to all their peers and myself.  I think with this one balloon or blanket rule in place a classroom will run efficiently.

2. Late work will receive a 25% mark down for the first day after the due date and 50% credit for up to a week after that. After one week the assignment can be turned in for 1 pt until the end of the quarter.   This rule may seem harsh but it teaches students valuable life skills about completing tasks in a timely manner. This also prevents the end of the quarter drowning in past assignments and grade entering for me.

3. Clean up after yourself!  This rule is self explanatory we are professional teachers not maids and should not spend valuable planning time cleaning up after students. It is also not the janitors job to spend hours in each  classroom cleaning up. It’s a life lesson that is best learned early.

4. No Cheating or copying unless you are copying notes because you were gone.


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