Blog Post 2- Gabi Summers

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1. Be positive

2. Give it your best everyday!

3. Raise your hand when you want to speak

4. Come to class prepared

5. Respect your teacher and your classmates

These would be at least some of my classroom rules. I feel these are important because it teaches students that this is a safe an positive place to learn and maybe think out of the box. It would also teach them to be respectful of their classmates and teachers, which also helps to encourage a positive environment to learn in. I would want these rules at least, and then encourage my students to brainstorm on some more, maybe on some posters that they can make as artistic and colorful as they want. This allows students to express their creativity while also focusing on the task at hand. I feel it is very satisfying for a teacher to treat their students like equals and want to hear their input. It encourages speaking up and leadership skills, along with cultivating that learning environment.

I enjoyed reading this article because it had one key point that I really agree with and want to make a point of using it in my classroom, and that is affirmation and validation. Students are coming into an unfamiliar environment and can already be uneasy. So I want to make it a priority to always be positive and show my students that learning is a good feeling, not something to be scared of. I also like how it mentioned never to use negative words or phrases like “wrong”, or “you can’t do that”. Students want to grow and progress and you as a teacher constantly telling them they can’t is going to stomp out that vivacity to learn. It will take patience, but it is so important to learn how each and every student learns so you can best accommodate each and every one of them.

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