Blog 2: Tamlyn’s Classroom Rules


1. Raise your hand and wait to speak

2. Listen when your teacher is talking

3. Be respectful towards yourself and others

4. Be on-time and prepared

5. Try your best

These would be my classroom rules. These particular rules are important because they teach patience, attentiveness, compassion, professionalism, and confidence  which are all essential throughout life. I tried to keep them general for any age group I could teach, as I know rules would vary depending on the maturity  of the students.  Simply announcing predetermined rules could bore students and cause them to forget rules. I would probably have an activity on the first day of school in which students get to write on the board (or have me write) what they think are good rules for the class. I would then group them together and generalize them, also adding any essentials they left out. This would be a great way for students to learn the rules and understand what is expected of them.

This particular page on edutopia goes over several aspects of rules and procedures in the classroom. First, it describes in detail why rules are essential to the classroom. What I like most is it breaks rules down into five “critical categories”: academic, social, procedural, cultural, and personal. I found it interesting to see rules categorized like this, but it made complete sense. There are example rules included under each category. I encourage anyone to check it out!

*If responding: what do you think of my rule activity idea? what do you think of the website?

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