Blog #2: Classroom Rules

Here are four classroom rules that I would have in my classroom:

1)Respect each other, belongings, the teacher.

2)Be Responsible for your actions, behavior, work and belongings.

3)Stay On Task/Be Prepared

4)Have fun!

Here is the link:

I like this link because it is a helpful reminder that some rules are more like routines that your students should already know to follow and that as a teacher you have to be able to follow the rules that you make in your class if you expect your students to follow them. The link emphasizes four important things to remember when making classroom rules. The first one is to follow through.  Once you make a rule, you have to stick with it. If a rule is that you cannot be late for class then you have to give a warning and consequences for if they break the rule. The second one is choosing routines to emphasize. One really good point she makes is about borderline rules like when students get out of their seats.  She would tell her students that  “If you’re up, you are on a mission,” that way if you see a student wandering the classroom or stopping at a classmate’s desk for an off-topic chat you ask, “What’s your mission?”. A third important thing for you to remember is transparency. Students have to know the difference between rules and routines from Day One. She said that it is also helpful if you have the students help brainstorm rules or examples of the rules so that they better understand what they need to follow in class. The fourth important reminder she gives is to think about the ultimate goal. She says that as teachers we talk about effective teaching and that when we are effective, students  are learning and getting what they need, goals and objectives are achieved, and we teachers feel a sense of accomplishment. I felt like this was exactly on point and had some good tips about deciding what classroom rules you should have. Rules are important for a class because without them your students could decide that anything is fair game and chaos would not be far from happening.

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