Blog #2 Classroom Rules from Deb Endicott

Classroom Management ED658

Fall 2014

Deborah Endicott

Assignment: Blog #2

  1. How you would develop classroom rules and why rules are needed.
  2. Share 4 rules that you would post in your classroom
  3. Include a link to a good website that helps teachers to learn about rules and procedures.
  4. Make a classroom rule wordle and include it a jpg picture in your blog
  5. Respond to two of your peer’s posting


In my classroom, the students, instructional aides, parent, principal all played a role in designing our classroom environment program. The first few weeks, we all worked on different components of our classroom community. Students and teachers would work out their standards and behavior expectations as a group. Coming to an understanding on how behavior would be expected by all students supporting a positive learning environment. We would compose our classroom rules together and publish the listing for all to see and review when needed. Communication to parents of the classroom expectations would be letters written by the students to their parents sharing our expectations.

The non-negotiables provide the solid foundation which all can learn from. It allows the classroom to be a safe place to be for everyone.


Respect for others, the teacher, and yourself

Always use nice words

Help one another


Four Rules to share

  1. Come to class ready to learn

on time, with materials, and homework done

  1. My voice is on – yours is not
  2. Try once, twice and one more time before you ask for help
  3. Look around, how can you help another



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