Blog 2: Classroom Rules

In my classroom I would have the following rules:

1) Respect yourself and others around you.

2) Treat others the way you want to be treated.

3) Take responsibility for your actions.

4) Be prepared for class by doing your homework and being on time.

These are very general rules. I think that I will need more experience teaching before I can develop the procedures that should go with these rules. I think that involving students in establishing rules and procedures is very important in gaining interest and cooperation from students; especially secondary students. These are students that are about to reach adulthood and need to be included in almost every aspect of their learning. Being on time will be one of the biggest rules implemented in my classroom. Too often I have heard from different students (high school and college) that the things they learn in high school are not what they will be using in their daily lives after school. Being on time and prepared for class is great practice for students who are to become potential employees.

The website I chose is the National Education Association (NEA) website. There are a lot of short articles and advice on the website which is really useful for teachers. Every article has resources and more reading linked to each article. In the tools and ideas section go to classroom management. Next hit the articles and resources tab on the left side of the webpage and you will be directed to a whole bunch of articles heres the link: <>.

I particularly liked the “Build Better Listening Skills” article. It’s god some great information in it on listening skills which can help teachers build better relationships and respect for students.

There is also an article titled “Establishing Classroom Rules” and it contains links to online programs and modules and I think that it’s really neat.

I tried to make a wordle but I’m using an iPad and I’m not sure how to make it work.

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