Blog 2: Classroom Rules

4 rules that I would use in my classroom:

1) Always be respectful to yourself, to your teacher, to other students, and to guests.

2) You may sit wherever you would like until it becomes a distraction or disruptive during instructional times.  If it ever becomes a distraction or disruption I will create an assigned seating chart.

3) Ask questions! There is no such thing as a stupid question and if you are confused about something it is most likely that someone else is too.

4) Do not interrupt other, if you have something to say wait until you are called upon.  Everyone will have the chance to voice their opinion on things.

*I would include my classroom rules in the syllabus for students to refer to.  I do not believe that in a high school classroom it is necessary to have them posted on the walls as reminders.

The following website contains very good information about professional development as well as developing and implementing classroom rules and procedures:


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