Classroom Rules: Johnson

Four rules I would post in my classroom would be:

1. Be respectful to others, including guests, students and teachers.

2. In group discussions, take turns for speaking.

3. If you take something out, put it back.

4. Enjoy your time in class!

A website to enjoy:

I really like Scholastic for it’s resources and articles on a number of things, so it’s the first place I went to find information about classroom management. The site is organized very nicely and has sections for teachers, parents and students. This particular article is quite accessible, has examples from other texts that allow a reader to look further into the topic of classroom rules and procedures and does not pretend to be anything it is not (a full fledged guide, for instance, it is not). The examples given are simple but relatable, they echo an idea of an organized classroom which most teachers aspire to achieve. While this article does seem to aim a little low (probably for elementary students), there is always something to gain. For instance, the idea of having homework immediately on the desk when students sit down can work for going over the assignment, collecting it for attendance or just seeing if students were able to complete the assignment and bring it back. At the bottom of the article are exciting-looking related articles which actually are related to the topic discussed in this article, which may seem obvious but sometimes the “related articles” seem to be pushing the definition of “related” in my experience. There is also, and I find this especially great for articles on websites, a clear explanation of when and where the article was published which makes citations easier, and allows for the act of further research to be a simpler one to start.

I could not get Wordle to work due to the school internet blocking java it does not recognize, I am hoping to get this fixed but the only internet I have access to is at the school. But I am excited to see everyone else’s!

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