Technology use and management

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i just read a great article on edutopia about management of a classroom while using technology. You can read the whole article here. “”. It’s a quick short read but there is a lot of helpful tips in there. The author describes his travels through a few classes and discusses how to use technology successfully. The author stresses to always have an analog (paper and pencil) version of your tech lesson he calls this your Plan B. ┬áPlan B prevents a classroom spiral into chaos when the tech fails and it eventually will despite your best efforts. He also speaks about using technology you are comfortable with already and works for you. There is no reason to try and “keep up with the jonse’s” but it’s also important to try new technology to stay current and it is up to us as teachers to walk that fine line (as is almost always true for educators). ┬áThe statement I really took to heart is when the author says to always make sure your lessons and technology are always relevant and interesting to your students. After all it’s all about the students that’s why we do what we do.



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