Introduction: Deb Endicott

Good day to all. I am Deb Endicott and am with Southwest Region Schools as the Elementary Instruction Support Specialist here in Dillingham, Alaska. I’ve been with this district for 12 years, at St. Mary’s before that, at Kodiak before that, at North Slope before that and started in Alaska with Anchorage School district in 1997. I’ve been a classroom teacher, principal and now in district office. Slowly but surely, I’m working on my third master degree in Curriculum & Instruction. Looking forward to an eventful and fun class.


In my spare time, spending time with my grandsons is a priority of mine. I’m a BigFoot researcher and have had several adventures looking for the “Big Guy’. My latest theory is that Bigfoot is in cahoots with aliens and is able to travel between dimensions.  My other pastime is spent with simple quilt making. I like to find patterns on line and then try to figure them out without using the directions. My latest accomplishment is the Bowtie pattern.


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