Introducing Renee!

Hi guys,

My name’s Renee Esparza (Thony is my maiden name and what UAF knows me by!), and I’m embarking on my final year of my Master’s degree. I’m currently student teaching at Eagle River High School in an awesome English classroom. My mentor teacher and I have three sections of Honors freshmen and two sections of “regular” sophomores. I got so lucky with my placement and my mentor; I’m loving it so far!

My husband (who’s a high school special ed teacher and football coach) and I live in Eagle River with our one-year-old daughter Olivia (that’s her in the picture!) and our skitzo dog, Dax.

We love Alaska and spend a lot of time outdoors. I’m originally from Wisconsin, which is where I got my Bachelor’s in Journalism, so I’m all about drinking in the ┬ámountains and ocean.

I’m looking forward to all I’ll learn in this class with you all!


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