Noelle’s Learning Community

In my future classroom I want to create an environment that encourages students to approach composition and reading with confidence. They should feel empowered in their literacy. Too often students feel disconnected from their reading and writing in class, but by using place-based curriculum and tying student interest into activities they can feel embedded in the learning process. To enable this kind of community I think that class and small group discussions are valuable activities and enable students to hear other opinions or thoughts from their classmates. As a member of this community, students should feel respected and heard, speaking without fear of ridicule or indifference. To be successful in creating and sustaining this environment I will have to put a classroom management plan in place. I strongly believe in having students take responsibility for their behavior and actions, and I would like to have their input when designing the classroom rules and procedures. This will increase their investment in our learning community and let their own ideas structure their behavior for the year.

As the leader of this learning community I want to maintain a position of authority, without stifling the students. My presence in the room should be reassuring, reinforcing the behavioral expectation and routine. I also hope to exude a high level of “withitness’, so that the students know that I am just as engaged as I’m asking them to be. Students should know that I’m interested in their lives outside of class as well and I will stay involved with school activities to better build student-teacher relationships and support a holistic view of the wider school community.

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