PR’s Three Links- Helpful for Classroom Management

After being in the high school classroom setting for the past several months, there is one thing that I find absolutely essential to develop as quickly as possible….a classroom management plan and how to support/follow through with it once it is put into place.  The following are links to websites, blogs, and videos that are available to myself and others through a simple click of a key or mouse.  It really is absolutely incredible the power of today’s technology!

The first is a link to a website useful no matter what your content area is because it mainly has to do with the psychological aspects of management and how by becoming more in tune with your students can help decrease the outbursts in the first place…  or you can visit this following website/blog that has to do with an example of how a teacher built his relationships with the students when he used to teach  Student-Teacher Relationships Can Be Built Five Minutes at a Time

The second link is to a blog that has to do with current apps activities relating to mathematics and generating positive use of technology in the classroom with your students

The last link is to a video that I think you may find inspiring and help you to understand how powerful generating a relationship with your students can be and at the same time you may find your teaching and relationship with your students can/may reduce the classroom management issues in your future/current class.