PR’s Philosophy About Creating a Productive Learning Environment

When looking at creating a productive learning environment, I really want the students in my future classroom to understand how important it is for them to be engaged in the learning process while in their classes.  I do not feel an absolutely quiet room with no interactions with the teacher or others is conducive to a positive learning environment. However, I am still learning how to effectively manage the classroom so that my students feel comfortable/safe in asking questions when they do not understand a concept and feel comfortable enough to contribute or solve an equation on the board when asked.  One important strategy I have seen employed in the high school math class is the teacher mentioning areas in the subject that she herself may have to work harder at versus other areas that are not so hard, by sharing this with her students you can see how it allows the students to see that it is ok for them to struggle in some areas and that by persevering through it they can still learn and be able to accomplish learning the concept/skill.

I enjoy how the teacher does not state that she is perfect and should anyone notice a mistake or calculation error to please speak up and share that with her/class.  This is something that I too have mentioned to students I have tutored in the past and find it beneficial to share with students.

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