Classroom Observation: Art I

For this assignment, I observed the other art teacher my mentor team teaches with, Mr. Lickingteller. Like most teachers, he likes to start class as soon as the bell rings. The first management strategy was getting students on track; once the bell rang, he closed the doors, turned down the lights, and got them going on the drawing for the day. For his class, he uses an Elmo Projector so the drawing displayed on the projector screen. While the students stayed on the task most of the time, they did tend to pull out their phones and text friends. So the second transition that Mr. Lickingteller did was walking over and asking the students to put their phones away or hand them over, which worked. What kid want’s to give up their phone, right? At the end of class, he was good about giving the students ample time for clean up. His biggest pet peeve is standing by the door, so he addressed the group of students with a calm collected tone and asked them to wait in their seats. The only other transition that happened was when runners from the office had to pull a students out of class for whatever reason, and this happens at Dimond High School a lot. The runners really didn’t pull Mr. Lickingteller away from the students for more than 5 seconds so it’ wasn’t a big distraction. I would probably do all the management strategies that he did in his class, in fact I kind of already do in my mentors classroom. That’s the advantage of team teaching, we pretty much share the same management plan.

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