Noelle’s 3 Useful Links + 1 Less Useful But Entertaining Link

In the Professional Development section of ReadWriteThink’s website they have an interesting resource called Strategy Guides. These guides range from “Teaching with Technology’ to “Reading with Purpose’ and are divided by grade levels. My favorite was a guide about how to conduct Socratic seminars in your classroom.


David Ginsburg provides short snappy blogs for Education Week about all things classroom management, with a focus on how to use rules and procedures effectively. From what I could gather, Ginsburg is a consulting teacher’s teacher, who spent 20 years in Chicago public schools.


This video from Scholastic shows an activity that I think is a staple in many classrooms. An aspect of the activity that was new to me was the teacher interacting with the students while they were writing. This was encouraging to them and prepared them to share from the beginning.


Bonus Website!

This is from the McSweeney’s. I think it’s hysterical.

“Phrases I May or May Not Have Used in an Attempt to Teach High School English”

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