This teacher is awesome. She is someone you would want to be teaching your kids. What I like about this video, that while it is short, it sends a lot of different messages. The teacher says that science is not about learning out of a text book but about students doing investigations and coming up with ideas and discoveries themselves. But as she is talking about inquiry based science lessons, you are watching how she is interacting with her students. She’s engaging, allowing them to come up with their own conclusions, and giving positive feedback.

Blog: What kind of teacher do YOU want?

This activity he does with his students is multifaceted and super creative. First, he engages his students in an activity- asking them to write on pieces of paper of what they want in a teacher- as a way to be more connected. (He actively tries it on for size, his students want a “funny” teacher…you can just see this kind of goofy math teacher trying to be funny for eighth grades!). It doesn’t stop there, he turns it into a math project where students are actively working together to make bar graphs of the data, which THEN gets posted outside the classroom for all to see (as an inspiration to other teachers). That is my kind of math teacher.

Article: Believing in Students: The Power to make a Differences

I re-read one of my responses from this weeks section paper- it had been a few days and the memory is pretty spotty- and I mentioned how I wanted to get better at communicating with in-crisis students. That is an intimidating thing for me at this point, I just wouldn’t know the best route go in telling a student that they do matter (especially when they have been through a lot of cruddy things in their lives). This article is short, sweet and to the point and I think I took a couple of things away from it.

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