Eric’s 3 Helpful Links for Classroom Management

I’m excited to share these three links with you and I hope it can help you in some way for coming up with solutions for managing your classroom.

This art website covers a variety of classroom management techniques, for both severe and mild situations. One suggestion about hall passes caught my attention because I regularly have a problem with it during 4th period and that’s students going to the bathroom then raiding on the freshman lunch and buying food and drinks and coming back to class 20 minutes later. What’s nice about this website is a majority of the solutions published were used by other teachers and they are quoted on their experiences.   It’s a good read, and there are more related pages at the bottom if you click the numbers.

This page is more of a blog/catalog. This blog is a great site to go to for a lot of first time teachers and again, it has numerous shared experiences from other teachers throughout Jessica Balsley’s site. For this blog, she talks about managing a class, specifically around the holidays when the students start to get amped up for the long breaks. It’s important to keep student on task I think this is a very beneficial page for everyone to look at.

This video is a long by thorough explanation of how an art classroom can be managed. The video touches on the idea of having a situation more organized and creating an environment with a good vibe so that everyone is inspired to do art. It also touches on being clear and direct about what you’re teaching.

I hope these links have been useful to you, good luck and happy teaching!