Teacher student relationships


This link really applies to all three categories. It offers a lengthy video where teacher Tyler Hester showcases his first day of class for the year. Here you can see several great methods he uses for classroom management as he establishes specific procedures for the year for all sorts of things. He then lists seven tips teachers can use for good classroom management. One particular thing I found useful was his point “do sweat the small stuff.” I started out this year being fairly lax on minor behavioral issues in class. However this set up a bad precedent where students feel that they can get away with many infractions.



Here is a short video which lists ten good tips for classroom management. Again one important one here was to start the year off tough, it is much better to begin the year tough and then ease up than to do the opposite. Also its a great idea to give incentives for good behavior. Another one I have run into is to over plan so that there is no empty time at the end of the class. I have seen first hand several times what the video describes as “the point of no return” once students mentally check out for the period.



Here is a blog which offers a lot of advice for classroom management. One article in particular “How to Save yourself a Mountain of Stress and Misbehavior” hits upon a point made in both prior links. Coming down hard early on will truly help you out later in the year. Minor misbehavior early on will compound as students realize that they can get away with more and more. This blog contains many more articles which will prove to be helpful in your teaching endeavors.

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