Eric’s Response to The Future of Alaska Native Education

While the article showed that it’s not just Alaska’s native cultures that are being affecting by outside factors, it’s not surprising that both native an dominant cultures continue to struggle to coexist. It’s gut wrenching to think about being a part of a culture that is literally being erased from the history books. A point that was purposed by Native elders in the article that stuck with me was that the native people should have more control and influence on their own school system, and not so much guided by a dominant culture. I think that the future generations of natives need to be taught by educators from their own community. It’s important to infuse culture and tradition into education. It’s important to pass down the native languages and traditional/religious practices of the community; everyone should know where they come from.

I thought some of the comments were a little naive. Someone made a comment suggested that we are preparing them for the life ahead rather than preparing them to live in the past. The comment was kind of snarky, but I could see where the person was coming from. I do this it is important to teach other cultures how to be a productive member of a dominant cultures society, but it is also important to know about your culture and how it was formed and shaped.