PR Roehls 4 Classroom Management

When I started taking classes at UAF the instructors started asking questions regarding how I will run my own classroom, what rules will there be, if any?   My first thought, was is it really necessary to put a list of rules up?   I can have the students create one and then they will have ownership to it, but how do you do this in a high-school when you have a different group of students 5-6 times a day?   Presently in the high-school class that I am observing the rules for every class is the same and they are as follows:

Be respectful at all times

Be on time for class

Be prepared for class

No cell phones!

By having this posted in the front of the classroom it is viewable at all times and is a friendly reminder when students begin to not follow the rules (it is readily available to point to), this seems to work well and I am inclined to use this same set of rules when I have a classroom in the future.

The link below, I found when I did a search for Kagan cooperative learning, which I have seen a presentation for in the past and find could be very helpful in my classroom in the future.   I picked this particular site/article because it concerned the use of technology and also provides printables, and includes Algebra as a subject.   Although it refers to the elementary grades on most of the subjects, the techniques can translate to the upper age groups by just substituting the content with that of the upper age groups.

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